The work

We’re creating brighter futures for Wake County children.

Early childhood environments and experiences can impact health and well-being throughout life. Additionally, high-quality early childhood programs aimed at low-income families have been shown to improve health outcomes, health behaviors, and social outcomes into adulthood.

The Kaleidoscope Project is dedicated to enhancing and improving the places where Wake County children spend their time. 

Showcase Sites

So far, we have made investments in improvements to these sites to illustrate our Best Practices. Check out the changes. Additional Showcase sites are in progress, and we are also supporting smaller scale Spotlight projects. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Beginning & Beyond Child Development Center
  • Families Together, a PLM Organization

Self-Assessment Questionnaire

This tool helps a team assess the current characteristics of a space across multiple areas of practice, identifying the strengths of a space and pinpointing areas for growth or improvement.This Self-Assessment assists in identifying and prioritizing opportunities for improvement within a space.
Complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Action Planning Template and Facilitator Guide

This tool should be used as a follow-up to the Self-Assessment Questionnaire. This Tool helps a team to determine key goals, tasks and resources needed to achieve success in supporting or improving a space’sarea of practice.

Stakeholder Mapping Template and Facilitator Guide

This tool helps to identify key stakeholders and develop key messages to support project implementation and improvement.

Quality Improvement Metrics

This support document provides suggested measurements of success to help you assess how enhancements are helping your space achieve your goals.

Coming Soon

Explore and learn more about great places that demonstrate the Best Practices in Wake County, North Carolina and beyond!